What you know is more important than where you learned it!

With Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) you can use your work, volunteer, or educational experience to obtain credit for a course.  This provides a way to validate what you already know how to do in community development, allowing you to earn your degree more quickly.

If your experience aligns with any courses in the Future Generations Course Catalog, 一旦你证明你已经通过生活经验获得了必要的技能和知识,你就可以获得本课程的学分.

How does the PLA process work?

Prior learning is demonstrated through a portfolio that describes your experience and learning.

Step 1: Research
Identify courses in our academic catalog that match your prior experience. Note that most, but not all, courses in the academic catalog are appropriate for PLA.

Step 2: Consult
Contact Registrar Chris Roper to discuss if a PLA is right for you at Chris.Roper@Future.Edu.

Step 3: Apply
Complete a PLA application, available from Chris Roper, identifying the skills, knowledge and abilities you have against the learning outcomes of the course.

Step 4: Portfolio
Complete your PLA Portfolio.

Step 5: Get Your Results
When completed, your PLA portfolio will be evaluated by the PLA assessment team. If it passes evaluation, credit will be added to your transcript.